The Elviani and the Merandi


Founded by Elviarn, the first-born, the Elviani found their home along the northern coast to the east of the mountains near growing human settlements.  Finding a purpose in helping maintain peace among their contentious human neighbors, they honed their skills in the element of Spirit.

As time passed, they began to resemble their human neigbors more.  Their skin remained fair, but it lost its marble quality and their hair changed from white to the yellows of gold, sunlight, or wheat.


The second-born, Merandene, took her people to the western of the two islands south of the continent where she found hostile Water Elementals dwelling.  After these sirens of the surrounding ocean kidnapped her love, she contested them in battle, freeing him and winning her people the right to stay.  After that, a love affair with the ocean rose among her people and the element of Water became their strength.

They took the name Merandi as their hair changed to the blues and greens of the sea and their paleness changed to pearl and corral.

About Amy Britton Mendoza

Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Amy grew up traveling every three or four years, going to Florida, to England, to Delaware, to Australia, and then back to Florida. She graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Florida. There she also met her wonderful husband through the serendipitous combination of Latin textbooks, a Dragon Ball Z shirt, and Shakespeare class. She earned a Master of Arts in Medieval Studies from the University of Connecticut and a Master of Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University. She is a writer, an adjunct in the English Department at Seminole State College in Florida, and the mother of two sweet crazy girls. She is currently editing two novels, Magic's Apprentice, a MG fantasy adventure set in the world of Ryunin and, Fate-Bound, a YA epic fantasy set in the world of Farwynth. Although stories are her obsession, particularly of the Fantasy variety, she also likes anime, sushi, J-pop, and K-dramas.
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