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About Amy Britton Mendoza

Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Amy grew up traveling every three or four years, going to Florida, to England, to Delaware, to Australia, and then back to Florida. She graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Florida. There she also met her wonderful husband through the serendipitous combination of Latin textbooks, a Dragon Ball Z shirt, and Shakespeare class. She earned a Master of Arts in Medieval Studies from the University of Connecticut and a Master of Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University. She is a writer, an adjunct in the English Department at Seminole State College in Florida, and the mother of two sweet crazy girls. She is currently editing two novels, Magic's Apprentice, a MG fantasy adventure set in the world of Ryunin and, Fate-Bound, a YA epic fantasy set in the world of Farwynth. Although stories are her obsession, particularly of the Fantasy variety, she also likes anime, sushi, J-pop, and K-dramas.

On Writing: Resistance

To new writers, and especially to young writers: expect resistance. I am forty-three. I’ve written since I was five. I know one thing if I know anything. They will try to stop you. Resistance to artistic aspiration is typical. In general, people aren’t…

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Sifting through Voices

Thanks to Saritza @epubagent on Twitter I was able to read a great blog post by Maureen Johnson which was responding to a fifteen-year-old asking about how to deal with criticism.  One of the best elements of the post was how … Continue reading

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