An Overview

Farwynth is a world once dominated by Elementals and where dragons once owned the skies.  In its present day, many Elementals have long since retreated from the world or else watch from a distance.  But before they did, Elementals had a hand in shaping Faeron’s children and what was once one tribe is now seven.

As for the dragons, after almost destroying the other races, Human, Faerani, and Dwarven, in a war amongst themselves, they were ensorcelled into a permanent sleep by seven Faerani sorcerers and sorceresses whose people, in gratitude, made them leaders and called them the Guardians of Farwynth.

For the longest time, the Faerani and their human and dwarven neighbors thought that Farwynth was only the continent of Husondia and its surrounding islands, but they find that there are unknown lands across the sea, and just as there are many tribes of Faerani, there are other humans as well.

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