An Overview

This is a world where magic isn’t an unfeeling force, a tool of wizards and sorcerers; rather, it is made up of sentient spirit-like creatures known as magic and their “worker bees,” the mana.  Mana are everywhere, and they are in everything.  They are like molecules, unseen and fundamental, and they exist in the world in a dormant stage until a magic calls upon them to join its Following.

Once Ryunin was a world wracked in chaos.  Magic would give orders to their Followings at whim, not thinking about how their actions affected others in the world around them.  A farmer would plant his field only to find it transformed the next day into a mountain or a beach.  A fisherman would be sitting in his boat trying to catch a meal, and then find the water turned to clouds and the clouds above turned to water.  Wherever the imaginations of the magic took the creatures, they would do.

The time of chaos ended when the four Great Dragons took away the magic’s imaginations and chose among the humans some to turn into Magic Speakers.  These few humans and their descendants thereafter have the ability to not only hear magic, but also to Name and bond one as their Familiar.  In this way, magic could no longer give orders to their Following at whim, but from then on must act as middle men between humans’ imaginations and mana.  And to make sure that the humans did not get out of hand and misuse magic, Rules were established.

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